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  Executive Search Strategies


If your success depends on excellence, you can depend on Nan Brown's dedication and search experience to provide the best people for your organization: 

“Nan knows the business needs, but has an additional innate sense of a good match, and extremely high perception for the critical cultural components and people assessment."
-Lara Jackle, VP, Sales and Marketing

"Nan is not looking for people to fill positions, she is looking for good people to fulfill a company's needs now and into the future. Nan seeks people who have the same zest for living that she has. She feels if her clients have a zest for life, that zest will be carried into one's career. Once Nan identifies a person as having this spark of difference, she matches that person's skills to a company."
-Kenneth Faresveit, National Accounts Chain Manager

“I am very impressed with the good job you do, Nan.  You work very hard for us, and your ability to locate exceptional candidates is remarkable. The size of our company, the location, and other demanding requirements are difficult to satisfy, but you succeed in providing us with incredibly talented people.  I want to express to you that this is the first time in my career that I have read such detailed references. 
You are a real partner.  Thank you very much.”

Claude Kasprzak, Vice President of Human Resources